salads and sandwiches
Our salads and sandwiches are made to order, using the finest, locally-sourced fresh ingredients.
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Fresh salad boxes
Mixed leave, cherry tomatoes, red peppers, cucumber and spring onions with olives and sunblushed tomatoes, topped with pinenuts and a drizzle of balsamic.
then add:
Chicken and avocado
Smoked salmon and avocado
Parma ham
Goats cheese
Mozzarella and pesto
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Our sandwiches
Avocado, caramelised red peppers and rocket
Houmous, baby spinach, artichokes, piquillo peppers and sunblushed tomatoes
Stilton, spiced apricot chutney, rocket and walnuts
Mature cheddar, chilli jam and baby spinach
Feta, rocket, olives and pinenuts
Brie, baby spinach and fig relish
Mozzarella, caramelised peppers and baby spinach
Goats cheese, red onion marmalade and baby spinach
Egg mayonnaise, vine tomato and black pepper
Tuna mayonnaise, baby spinach and piquillo peppers
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, rocket and avocado
Smoked salmon, rocket and horseradish crème fraiche
Pastrami, emmenthal, rocket and piccalilli
Ham, beetroot relish and baby spinach
Chorizo, mozzarella and baby spinach
Chicken, mayonnaise, rocket and avocado
Parma ham, brie, rocket and sunblushed tomatoes
Bacon, brie, baby spinach and cranberry sauce
Ham or chicken, mayonnaise and salad
Ham, cheddar, chutney and tomatoes
Chicken, coronation sauce, rocket and pinenuts
Chicken, pesto, rocket and sunblushed tomatoes